A lot has been said, written and discussed of CBD oil its preparations, uses and in which medical conditions can it be given. But we need to consider one aspect more. How should it be consumed for maximum effectiveness? One great way is to vape it via vape pen. So to address this issue as well let’s share some things ou need to know about vaping hemp oil.
First things first you should know what are the advantages of having CBD in vapor form. So let’s discuss that first.

1. Why CBD Through Vape Pen?

There are many ways to consume CBD oil. You can take it as edibles, tinctures, or simply as cream. Every mode of consumption has its own advantages. But what is special about consuming it with a vape pen in vapor form. Let’s discuss that.

To Experience The Effects Quickly

When you consume the hemp oil in vapor form, it reaches your bloodstream much faster than any other means. It is because, in vapor form, the content doesn’t have to go through intestines and liver. So bypassing your digestive system it offers a fast method to experience the therapeutic benefits of hemp oil. Anytime you need to reduce pain, just vape it and get relief faster.

Bioavailability Is More

It is not so that CBD you’ve ingested is going to be fully effective on your body. The actual effectiveness or the bioavailability is more in vaping as it is absorbed immediately via your lungs. Thus skipping the processes of your digestive system, vaping has an edge over other forms of consumption.

Control Overdosage

When you take hemp oil with a vape pen, you have control over the dosages. In vaping you take puffs. Start with one or two from your vaping pen and experience how you feel. For a stronger effect take a few more puffs. This is how you can control overdosage too which is not possible with CBD pills or CBD gummies.


2. Differences In CBD Vape Oil & CBD Oil

The vape pen is a device by which you can inhale the vapors of liquid infused with it. At this point, you need to know that the oil and vape oil which are poured in vape cartridges are not the same things.

The oil is a concentrated product which is generally taken orally or sublingually(under the tongue). It should not be poured in a vaping tank and inhaled. On the other hand, the e-liquid form or vape oil is suitable for inhaling. Just you have to reach the right product to experience the benefits of cannabinoid oil.

3. Origin Of Your Vape Oil

Many vendors are selling the marijuana versions that can make you high. You should also know from where your vape oil is obtained from. Go for hemp plant extracts. They either have no psychoactive THC or the amount is very low (less than 0.3%). With hemp derived cannabinoids e-liquids you get all the goodness minus psychoactive effects. Just the medium gets changed here in which you are consuming hemp derived vape oil with the help of Rubi vape pen.

4. Is Rubi Vape Pen The Best Way To Consume CBD?

You might come across different opinions on which is the best way. Some will say, oil is the best as it has nothing to do with the lungs. On the other hand, when you vape, the bioavailability of content is more plus reaction time is fast(since it directly enters your bloodstream). So you get a quick demonstration of good effects of “CBD, when you vape it from a Rubi vape pen”.

It will be great if you take a call from your side. If you don’t want to bother your lungs directly avoid its use and consume orally.


When it comes to choosing the best Rubi vape pen, let us solve that dilemma too. You can rely on a temperature regulated device which is easy to use and safe. There are cartridges available that can be refilled with the “CBD, vape juice again and again. At last, whatever you choose but the end product should be able to offer you the desired relief at the end of the day”. This is what we also wish for you.

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