With the change in time, the demand for vape pens is increasing rapidly. Vape pens are emerging as a promising alternative for quitting cigarettes. According to the study, many American smokers are switching to vaping in recent years. Smoking cigarettes lead to different diseases and harm to different body organs. More than sixteen million American people are living with disease caused by smoking cigarettes. Use of tobacco is causing seven million deaths per year, the number of deaths is scary but the scariest thing is that these numbers are increasing every year.

In this article, I will tell you about vape pens and how different color of vape pens can enhance your vaping experience.

What is a vape pen?

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Vape pens are just like e-cigarettes, they are battery operated. Vape pens are becoming the best alternative for those who are willing to quit smoking. If you have never used a vape pen then this topic will make you understand everything about vape pens. There are different components of vape pens which are briefed below.


Your vape pen has a cartridge or tank which is usually refillable or one time usable. This tank holds the e-juice which is used for creating smoke. The cartridge is made from glass, polycarbonate plastic, or stainless steel. You can choose different sizes of the cartridge to extend your smoking experience.


It is a small heating component inside your vape pen which convert the e-juice into tiny droplets.


Many vape pens have automatic sensor by which vape pens are automatically activated when you inhale. Other vape pens have on and off button.


Each vape pen is powered by a battery. Usually, the batteries are rechargeable which supplies power to the atomizer. You will get different battery options for your vape pen like a bigger battery if you want to enjoy vaping over the journey.


This is one of the essential components of the vape pen. You can also charge your vape pen through car charger or phone charger if compatible.

Different vape pen color to choose from

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Vape pens can define your personality and style. If you want to enhance your smoking experience then you can choose different colors for vape pens which are given below.

Crystal Black

Crystal black vape pen from KANDYPENS is best-awarded vape pen for 2019. It has a crystal black color and comes in the ultra-compact design of 10cm long. It is made from electro-plated stainless steel, it comes with variable battery option like 3.0V, 4.2V, 3.6V, and 2.6V. It comes with two click sesh feature, it has glass mouthpiece. Crystal Black vape pen has a flexible charging option like micro charging. It has a black velvet touch which will give you a premium feel.

Amber Rose

This vape pen from KANDYPENS has glossy paint with gold sparkles and gold trim. It comes with a leather case which has gold trim in it. You will get a temperature controlled battery option, you will also get an upgraded mouthpiece with air carb. It is a limited edition vape pen from KANDYPENS.

Rubi Red

This red color vape pen is best-awarded oil vape pen of 2018. It has an innovative design with ceramic coil technology. Rubi Red pen is super compact (four inches). It is air activated which means it has no power button, all you have to just inhale it and it will be activated. It has dual air flow with an auto-shut feature. It has a universal micro-USB charging option. This Rubi Red color vape pen will give you a funky look.

Rubi vape pens are available in different colors such as teal, navy blue, blush gold, rose gold, white, and prism black. So the color according to your vaping style.

Final Thoughts On Best Vape Pen

With the change in time, a large number of people are switching to vaping. Vaping is safer than smoking cigarettes, you can reduce your nicotine intake and by using CBD e-juice you will get a number of health benefits by vaping. Vaping CBD can reduce the symptoms of insomnia and other chronic pains.

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